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December 16, 2004

Longchamp Rectangular Pouchette

longchamp bags, store window

The latest bag I am keeping an eye on is is the Rectangular Pouchette from Longchamp. It can be seen in the above photo on the bottom right. I had a staff meeting last week for work and noticed a woman from another department carry this tiny bag in a lovely forrest green. Of course I watched the bag for the entire meeting instead of paying attention. I was picturing how such a petite bag could hold my wallet, phone, and maybe even a small digital camera. I could keep in a larger bag and then job pop out the pouchette if just needed my essentials. I visted the Longchamp store in Boston and they had a whole wall of these lovely bags in all different colors. Maybe a post-christmas presient for me?
Also, this interesting expandable nylon bag.


December 10, 2004

My Homemade Tote Bag

This is old news. I posted in on my now dead personal blog back in March 2004, but I'm reposting it here just in case anyone sees it and has any questions as to how it was made. I am taking credit for making it, but in reality my mom did a lot of the work.
- - - - -
i made my first homemade totebag a few weekends ago. i am already starting to stockpile fabric like crazy. i get the iron ons for this bag at kinko's in kendall square. only copy place in all of boston that does it. cheap though, $11 for 3 8x10 sheets.

sara's homemade photo totebag




and, drumroll please....



The what's in your bag? Pool at Flickr

For obvious reasons I was quite interested the second I saw the what's in you bag? photo pool over at flickr where you can not only peek at the contents of all sorts of bags, but also read commentary on what people carry around with them. I was happy to see I am not the only one that crams my bag as full as possible.

Here is my inside the bag photo. I keep meaning to redo this picture with my Canon camera, instead of the camera phone pic which came out rather dark. But you get the idea.


Canal Street

Fake bags at Canal Street, NYC

Via Gothamist, we came across this NYTimes article: A Booming Black Market, all about the Canal Street fake bag market.

Canal Street has a special place in my heart and I love the shop there. I don't know if it is the thrill of the deal or the crowds or what, but I have been known to hop on the bus from Boston and travel four hours to NYC for the sole reason of walking the length of Canal Street bag-peeping all day long. Too bad Boston's Chinatown doesn't have anything that even compares. I guess I just get bored shopping in department stores or online and Canal Street provides a totally different experience. I even can deal with the frustrations such as fighting my way through the crowds or when the police show up and the vendors have to close down for a good 15min while all us shoppers and tourists stand around waiting for them to reopen.

It can be a bit overwhelming and a number of times I never ended up buying anything because I had such senory overload I just needed to get away from the crowds. About a year and a half ago I purchased a LV tote that I do love, but it is a little too skinny to be my everyday bag. I spent a little time on Canal Street most recently this past Memorial Day weekend but the shopping was cut short by a rather impatient boyfriend who was not enjoying the crowded market as much as I was.

Is it unethical to purchase faux handbags? For me, the answer is no, due to the fact that I would never ever pay $1000 for a real bag. So the designers never loose any money on me, because I am not choosing between a real or fake bag; rather I choose between a fake bag or no bag. And on top of that I am quite certain NYC police have more important thigs to worry about.

Update 1/14/07: Comments for this post are now closed.


December 7, 2004

Wash and Wear Herve Chapelier?

I ordered a Herve Chaplier bag in Perle/Tarama last summer off EBay. All in all it was good bag, heavy duty and roomy. I used it for much of the summer and then retired it.

During the past few months I discovered it made an excellent airplane carry on bag. However dragging the light pink/tan bag through multiple airports resulted in a rather grungy bottom. I was able to do some touch ups with soap and a sponge, but it doesn't look new. Until I remembered that the HC's *in theory* can just be tossed in the laundry. Durning the summer I was too nervous to try that with my beautiful bag. But now that its older and not so important I am now willing to try out a washing.
Will report back here later this week with how the washing experiment worked out.

PS Now I'm begining to get the HC bug again. I am thinking maybe the small hanbag 901N, in the nicest brightest colors Ebay has to offer. That wouldn't work for Boston in the winter, but since we will be down in Houston the colors should fit right in with the warm weather.

[Update: Here are the results.]


Village Voice: Bag of Tricks: The Year in Purses

How can you not appreciate an article that compares Louis Vuitton bags to spreading fungus? Not sure if I completly agree with that since I do have a soft spot for a crowded Canal Street shop full of fake bags. But anyway...

Is it just our imagination, or is the status of carrying a Louis Vuitton (vuitton.com) bag going down, down, down? A lot of people probably think this has to do with the glut of fakes on the market—a phenomenon we applaud—but we believe it is also due to the generic ambiance of the LV shops themselves, and the fungus-like way they are spreading all over the world.