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December 10, 2004

Canal Street

Fake bags at Canal Street, NYC

Via Gothamist, we came across this NYTimes article: A Booming Black Market, all about the Canal Street fake bag market.

Canal Street has a special place in my heart and I love the shop there. I don't know if it is the thrill of the deal or the crowds or what, but I have been known to hop on the bus from Boston and travel four hours to NYC for the sole reason of walking the length of Canal Street bag-peeping all day long. Too bad Boston's Chinatown doesn't have anything that even compares. I guess I just get bored shopping in department stores or online and Canal Street provides a totally different experience. I even can deal with the frustrations such as fighting my way through the crowds or when the police show up and the vendors have to close down for a good 15min while all us shoppers and tourists stand around waiting for them to reopen.

It can be a bit overwhelming and a number of times I never ended up buying anything because I had such senory overload I just needed to get away from the crowds. About a year and a half ago I purchased a LV tote that I do love, but it is a little too skinny to be my everyday bag. I spent a little time on Canal Street most recently this past Memorial Day weekend but the shopping was cut short by a rather impatient boyfriend who was not enjoying the crowded market as much as I was.

Is it unethical to purchase faux handbags? For me, the answer is no, due to the fact that I would never ever pay $1000 for a real bag. So the designers never loose any money on me, because I am not choosing between a real or fake bag; rather I choose between a fake bag or no bag. And on top of that I am quite certain NYC police have more important thigs to worry about.

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