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December 7, 2004

Wash and Wear Herve Chapelier?

I ordered a Herve Chaplier bag in Perle/Tarama last summer off EBay. All in all it was good bag, heavy duty and roomy. I used it for much of the summer and then retired it.

During the past few months I discovered it made an excellent airplane carry on bag. However dragging the light pink/tan bag through multiple airports resulted in a rather grungy bottom. I was able to do some touch ups with soap and a sponge, but it doesn't look new. Until I remembered that the HC's *in theory* can just be tossed in the laundry. Durning the summer I was too nervous to try that with my beautiful bag. But now that its older and not so important I am now willing to try out a washing.
Will report back here later this week with how the washing experiment worked out.

PS Now I'm begining to get the HC bug again. I am thinking maybe the small hanbag 901N, in the nicest brightest colors Ebay has to offer. That wouldn't work for Boston in the winter, but since we will be down in Houston the colors should fit right in with the warm weather.

[Update: Here are the results.]




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