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January 30, 2005

Time to hit the mall

Your 17 year old little sister wanted a new bag for about $100...what do you suggest?

Closet Theraphy has some good ideas.

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January 28, 2005

Update: Old Navy piped tote

012705oldnavy.jpgOld Navy has taken the Piped tote (mentioned in Ask the Bag Lady below) off their Web site, but I am still seeing them in the stores. The nylon looks sturdy and in navy blue I think it looks a little nautical as well. The white piping just adds to the cute retro look. Perfect for the rain!

Also, don't miss the Black and White Floral Purse, also marked as out of stock on the Web site but tons in the stores. The opening is too small for me (I need quick access to my contents) but I love the simple flower print.

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January 26, 2005

Funky knit bag with bamboo handles


We're planning a wedding...so I'm under strict instructions to keep my spending under control. So since I really want a new bag I'm going to make one instead. I discovered this great tinsel pattern over at knitty.com.

My first step is going to be checking out some local craft stores here in Houston to look for some nice bamboo handles. Then instead of fraying metallic fabric for yarn I'm going to use some recycled sari yarn that I was originally going to used for a scarf.

A new bag for about $25! ($20 yarn + $5 handles)

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WBUR tote bag


I like to watch the "Sex and the City" reruns on TBS and pretend the show never ended and will go on forever.

The other night I saw that heartbreaking episode when Carrie and Aidan break up for good (you know the one, where they sleep on the floor on the other side of the apartment at the end). In one scene about halfway through the episode Carrie runs to a newstand because she is thinking of smoking again.

I noticed right away that Carrie was carring a tote bag, quite a departure from her usual couture. Not only was it a tote bag but a WBUR tote bag.

A quick google search and I found out how the bag got on the show. Turns out SJP is a HUGE public radio fan...like she could get any better!


January 24, 2005

Metallic is in!

Today at lunch I caught a chat at boston.com with the author of The Clothes We Wear. Of course I asked about bags:

01:25PM What is next in handbag trends? In Boston, there seems to always be one huge trend per season (a la Herve Chapelier bags last summer) that everyone follows. Any guesses as to what is going to be the next big thing? Also what are some unique trends to keep an eye out for?

01:30PM The days of the single "it" bag are over - which is actually a good thing. Number one for spring is color - with turquoise or green being the hottest one. Fruit prints will also be big - as in Louis Vuitton's new collection. Metallics are making a big comeback - especially gold accents or fabrics for day. This is also a trend that's only going to get bigger. The King Tut exhibit which set major fashion trends for the gold standard in the '80s will be touring the country starting this winter - so watch for gold in jewelry and bags to be hot for a few seasons. Moderate size tote bags with matching "baby" bags are also big - the idea being that you pull out the smaller bag for dressier occasions. Lastly - multiple print bags - like Coach's miix-and-match animal prints in various colors - will also be hot.


I love that metallic is back in since I am starting to see some bags I really like. Coach has a number of metallic gold bags including the Soho Dusted Suede Small Tortilla. Though I looked at this bag in the store today and it looks like the kind of suede that would scuff and look worn quite easily.

The Dusted Suede Wristlet in my favorite of the gold collection because I have a new pair of shoes that would match nicely.

The Signature Lurex Framed Purse is my second favorite but I wish they had one without the signature "c's" since I'm getting a little tired of that look.

Speaking of Coach: Money in the bag.

This evening, with metallic bags still on my brain, I was reading the Celebrity Baby Blog and saw Teri Hatcher carrying a similar gold bag. Anyone recognize the designer?


January 23, 2005

Cole Haan Trinity Python Satchel

SheFinds also pointed me in the direction of this lovely Cole Haan Trinity Python Satchel in black. Then I saw it again while flipping through a recent issue of InStyle.

Way more pricey then my bag budget, but perhaps there is a Bag Blog reader with deeper pockets that would like this information. The description says it can fit a laptop, which as a current (and I might add) very happy laptop owner, that would be very handy if I wanted to take my laptop down to a local wifi coffee & tea shop. My iBook would certainly be traveling in style!


Leather Hype Durango Bag

I recently discoved SheFinds and now read the blog everyday. Recently she had posted about a sale over at Bluefly.com and I clicked through to check it out.

I normally and very skittish about buying bags online. I'm so picky that when the bag arrives it never looks exactly the way I pictured it in my head and I am always disapointed. I did see one bag at Bluefly one bag that I have seen in person and can vouch that is is a good one because I can remember looking at one at a store in Boston months ago. And that's the black leather Durango bag by Hype. Love the side pockets and the contast stitching.


January 20, 2005

Ask the Bag Lady

Dear Bag Lady,
I live in San Francisco and it will be raining continuously for the next month and half!! I need a bag that will hold up in the weather. Preferably, something vinyl and washable that will keep contents dry
and zips completely closed.

I usually carry a book, my regular purse, a water bottle, change of dry shoes, and my lunch to work, so it's got to be hefty! I'd love to find something like this that has a small outside zip pocket for quick-access contents like my subway pass. Oh, and it wouldn't hurt to have a rain bag with style!

Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Bag

Dear Raindrops,
The Bag Lady has been keeping your question in mind for the past few weeks as she shops for bags. A number of potential bags were spotted and she thinks you'll be pleased with the results!

012005gap.jpgNumber One Pick
The Gap Rainslicker collection will help keep your contents high and dry all through the rainy season. I prefer the Rainslicker tote in Sandlewood Pink, but there is also a Rainslicker mini hobo if you are looking for a smaller bag. Top the bag off with a cute rain hat to complete the look.

Also Worth Looking at
Old Navy has a current line of Piped Nylon Bags that would repel the rain. The Piped Nylon Purse is probably too small for all the things you carry, but I've spotted a Piped Nylon Tote in Navy at the stores.

If you are looking for a higher end bag try surfing on over to A + N (which the Bag Lady originally ready about in the Daily Candy) for a lovely line of nylon bags that look to be both sturdy, rain repellant and easy on the eyes. The Bag Lady has been admiring the Ava Shopper in all three colors and plans to look at them in person the next time she is in NYC.

Hope you like these suggestions and stay dry!

Have a question for The Bag Lady? Contact us.


January 16, 2005

Fish Purse?

I do enjoy reading Go Fug Yourself for the latest in celeb fashion disasters. Usually the site focuses more on clothes then bags but here's a doozey that I don't want you to miss: Paget Brewster's Fish Purse.

I'll leave the outfit discussion to Go Fug Yourself, but as for this fish bag I think it might have worked with a more normal outfit. It still would be pushing it, but it could be almost OK if the bag was a small fish clutch purse. That way it would be fun and silly, but not look like she just returned from the docks with today's catch. I could see it with some dark jeans and a simple black shirt. But the GIANT FISH TOTE is a little odd.

Next question, I wonder how much she paid for the fish purse?


January 14, 2005

My Current Bag: Kenneth Cole Wrap Aport


Yes, it is the lovely Wrap Aport by Kenneth Cole. I spotted it one day on a shelf as we were walking by the Kenneth Cole store in the PrudentialCenter. Stan silently took note of this and a few days later suprised me with the bag for a gift.

The bag looks and feels good. I love the rich dark red color,. A perfect touch of color with my all black Boston winter wardrobe. The best part is the bag makes me feel neat, sleek, and instantly put together as soon as I put it on my arm, even while in sweats going to pick my clothes up at the laundromat with unbrushed hair. The inside had some tall pockets to hold stuff though some were a little oddly shaped so I just used them for pens.

The only downside was that it was difficult to fir my Canon G3 which I always take with me everywhere. I am looking into finding a seperate messenger bag to carry the camera so that would fix the problem.

Sadly the bag is not with me now. When we moved down to Houston I left it in the safest place I could find (my mom's) because I was afraid it would get damage if I crushed it inside my luggage. I've since regretted that decision and place to pick up the bag the next time I fly home to Boston. No cramming it in luaggage though, I will carry with me at all times and it will sit safely on my lap for the flight.


January 12, 2005

Wash and Wear Results

I have good news to report from when I washed my Herve Chapelier tote bag. Hooray...the bag came out good a new! Maybe a few wrinkles but nothing some steam or spray wouldn't fix. All I did was toss it in the regular cycle with the darks.

The bottom of my bag was pink, and that is still slightly dirty. I'm sure it would have been fine if I had scrubbed it with detergent before putting it in the wash.

Not only did the bag come out like new, but I ended up trading with my sister for a bag she owned and now my bag is headed for a new life in San Francisco. That's another good bag tip: rotate your collection with friends and relatives so everyone gets a chance!


January 6, 2005

Guest Bag Blogger: Alissa Anderson

One new feature we are working on here at The Bag Blog is inviting people we know to write an entry describing their favorite bag.




My favorite handbag is a tapestry carpet bag from Target, if only because it fools many people into thinking it is a unique, handmade, antique item rather than something that was mass-produced in China and mass-marketed at Target stores across the nation.  

I found it the day my old roomate Gabe was nice enough to drive me down to the airport to pick up my brother.  On the way back up to San Francisco, I think we stopped at Target to avoid traffic, and In-n-Out burger so that Ross could taste the local cuisine.  

Even though I found my bag quite randomly at Target, I've never seen another like it on another girl's arm and I think it suits my personality perfectly: heavy duty and practical, with a hint of whimsical beading, in a nostalgic vintage style. My carpet bag has already lasted over a year and is still going strong, and best of all I don't have to worry about treating it gently because it's so far from being designer.  

So girls, don't be turned off by the lack of brand name--patience and a keen eye
for style will find you exactly what you're looking for (or not looking for) on the bargain racks.

Alissa Anderson works in publishing and lives in lovely San Francisco. She infrequently chronnicles the adventures of the smartest cat in the world.

If you would like to be a Guest Bag Blogger please contact us and let us know.


Bag, Borrow or Steal


I saw a link to Bag, Borrow or Steal about a month or so ago and made a note to post it on this site. Since then I've seen in mentioned in several other places (like my Real Simple magazine that just arrived today) so I can only assume that the service is really taking off.

The idea is clevely simple. You sign up, pay a monthly fee based on the level of service you desire, and then you get to keep one handbag at a time of your choice to keep for as long as you want.

Makes sense since the "it" handbags change about every month or so, and who can afford to keep buying new all the time? If keeping your bag trendy and your wardrobe refreshed is at the top of you list, but you don't have the cash of the Hilton Sisters, then this may be your answer.


Basura Bags


Looking for a way to combine your love of bags AND recycling? The check out the Basura Bag that is sold at GreenFeet and seen in this article.

Tired of watching millions of juice containers (or doy packs) go into Philippine landfills, six women living in metropolitan Manila set up a co-operative to transform the trash into stylish bags. Local school children were paid to provide the raw materials, and the Kilus Foundation was born in 2000.

Today, the co-op has some 500 members. Each day, they turn 50,000 doy packs into purses, knapsacks and handbags that are sold around the world. The Philippine government got involved last year, as well, issuing an appeal to citizens to collect juice containers for the foundation.

And on top of all these greats things the bags are also highly affordable and look unlike any other bags out there.


Posh Baby Diaper Bags


I've long adored diaper bags even though I don't have a baby. I'm just fascinated by all the pockets and compartments; the complete and utter USEFULNESS that most other bags lack. You can tell that actual thoughts about how the bag will be used goes into creating them, unlike most of the handbags you see for sale.

So I was quite interested to see this diaper bag at Post Baby. (Seen via Urban Baby). The gypsy scarlet pattern reminds me of a lovely wallpaper in the house where I grew up. And it is water proof so I could walk the streets of Boston in a rainstorm without an umbrella without worring about my bag.

Plus there is ever a sale of slightly imperfect bags.

Looks like babies are great when it comes to accessories!