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February 26, 2005

Diaper Bags for Men

Moms, tired of Dad getting out of diaper duty? Well here's a way to include him in the process, get him his very own MANLY diaper bag. The Diaper Dude in Camo is shaped like a messenger bag but has a changing pad, pockets and cell holder.

There is another version in blue camoflage.


Other Things Besides Bags

Sorry for the lack of bag posts, as I've actually been thinking about other things besides bags (!), specifically my recent trip home to Boston to watch my mom make my wedding dress and generally trying not to stress over the wedding plans (how could my regular hairdresser be CLOSED the day of my wedding? And why did I think it was a good idea to go with "do it yourself" invitations?)

We should be returning to our regularly scheduled bag related posts as soon as I can finish up some draft entries.

In the meantime check out this great bag sites:

In My Bag


February 17, 2005

A talking handbag?

Not sure if I should be proud or concerned that this hails from my home state of Massachusetts:

A sensor in the bag's handle will "know" that the owner has picked it up, and then check its own contents for those things it would be exasperating to forget. If one of them is missing, a voice synthesiser will say: "Cellphone: yes. Wallet: yes. Keys: no!"


February 15, 2005

Dr. Livingston, I presume?

Planning a trip to the jungle to search for lions and gazelle? Or just want to look the part? You're in luck since safari themes are big this spring.

The Gap has the new Safari Tote, part of their new Africa collection. I like the leather wrapped handle, but I'm not sure about the wooden ring on the front. I'd have to see that in person, and I learned from a visit to my local Gap today the safari bags haven't arrived just yet. (Or any of the safari collection modeled by SJP.) Gap customer service tells me these items are due the last week of Febrary.

Anthropologie has a Safari Purse. I also haven't seen this bag in person but I like the teal trimmings against the tan canvas.

Now all you need is a safari hat to complete the outfit!

Update: The Bag Chick does a great run down of some of the current bags at the Gap. I am beginning to think that my local Gap here in Houston is a little behind, because several of these bags haven't hit the racks yet. You can bet I'll be swinging by the Gap in Boston when I am home this weekend.


February 14, 2005

Isaac Mizrahi Drop East West Totes


How brilliant is the Isaac Mizrahi line at Target? Up until last week I wasn't really much of a fan. I always saw stuff I liked online, but then when I visited the store everything was a mess and the good stuff was all sold out. But last week, after picking up a laptop bag I swung by the rest of the bags and saw the Drop East West Tote. I couldn't resisting picking up on in Navy/White. I must have still had this bag on my brain, plus I'm a sucker for anything remotely natical.
I won't use this as my every day bag--I need a longer strap that I can throw over my shoulder--but this will be a great bag to take with me to lunch or out as I run errands. It would look great with some sailor pants. And don't miss the clear plastic version, it would be perfect for dodging raindrops.


Good Things at Bluefly


I've yet to order a bag online that I liked when it arrived. I like to use web sites to research bags, then I visit them in person. Coach is a good example of this.

Sometimes though I see some bags that tempt me to place an order.

Hype eggplant leather 'Gossip' handbag is beautiful. I like the organic shape and the metal details. The purple color looks even better then other purple bags I have seen.

Black Pleated Leather Hobo bag by Michelle Frantz. I like the pleats in the front that bring a nice texture to the shape and the bars that suspend the bag straps.

And in the over $150 category here's a super funky striped hobo bag Joanna by Flavio Olivera.



I did a little reorganizing of the categories listed over on the left. I split the "bag brands" category into three: affordable brands, expensive brands and bargain!. I define affordable as anything up to about $150. I'm sure everyone has their own definition of "affordable" and that's mine.


Coach bag

Thoughts on the new spring bags from Coach? I have a fondness for the Suede Pocket Satchel with the blue trim, though I tend to stay away from suede since it tends to look dirty real fast. I am a big fan of pockets and this bag delivers in that department.

I've seen the Optic Signature Suede Gallery Tote in a number of summer fashion guides and an example of the bright colors in fashion now. Personally I think the Coach "C" thing has passed, simply making the "C's" bigger doesn't change that. To bad since the colors are nice.

021405_chevron.jpgJury is also out on the Chevron hobo. I like the fact that is is unique, but still has a simple design. But I'm just not a fan of the mustard/orange combo. If it was something in a cool green/blue combo, I might consider it.


February 9, 2005

Ask the Bag Lady: Affordable Laptop Bags


Dear Bag Lady,

The super-fantastic Manolo posted your link and now I have a burning question.  

Do you have recommendations for those of us who would like to carry our laptops in a bag that doesn't scream Functional But Ugly?  

Oh, and for less than $100?

Reader SC

Dear SC,
Funny you ask, since I just randomly bumped into some lovely (and affordable) laptop bags and couldn't resist purchasing one for myself.

Like most of you I have the corporate issued ugly black laptop bag that I have been using to cart my work laptop when I traveled. It was unimaginative and ugly, but it got the job done and it was provided by my company so I didn't have to pay for it and therefore I didn't give it a second thought.

That was until earlier this week when I stopped off at the Target for some batteries, cleaner, and handsoap and ended up stumbling on the perfect laptop bag.

The Black and White Polka Dot Zip-Top Laptop Carrying Case is cute and simple with plenty of room for a standard size laptop, for only $24.99. I instantly loved the polka dots but it also came in pink, and stripes. There is an additional design with a flap top and shoulder straps.

The polka dot bag has a padded, quilted inside to protect your laptop and I especially like the removable sholder strap so I can choose to carry the bag in my hands or over my sholder.

All the bags above, while better then the dull standard laptop case, are still a little on the traditional side. If you are looking for something that will really stand out try the Pink Italian Newspaper Laptop Bag. I didn't see this bag in the store and only now just spotted it online. Note that the online reviews are both negative, so probably best to look out for this bag in person at your local Target and buyer beware.

Have a question for the Bag Lady? Let us know.


February 7, 2005

Flowered Longchamp bag

While poking around the Create Your Own Les Pliages bag at Longchamp I saw this one from the Phuket line. Sadly the site is too confusing for a link, but it is a lovely bag nonetheless.


Too many totes

The Daily News asks: Why does every B-list celeb design a line of handbags?

I tried looking online to look for bags by the B-list with a little success. I guess being famous doesn't make you very web savvy. Monica Lewinsky's site just posts a come back soon message and I didn't even both trying to put Pamela Anderson's name in a google search. Though I was happily suprised to see that Alek Wek's WEK 1933 line is actually very nice and I've seen some creative bags in Gwen Stephani's LeSportsac collection.

I couldn't find much for Nicky Hilton except for this fan site. Probably a good thing you can't really see too much of the bags since they look real tacky.


February 6, 2005

Create your own Longchamp Les Pliages Bag


Trouble finding bags with the exact color combination you want? Then the Create your own Les Pliages Bag from Longchamp is for you. You customize everything from bag size, to hardward, to colored strips. I tested it our and created one in ice blue and grape. You can even have your initials stamped on leather flap on the front.

(seen at Coolchiq)


Just try to forget this bag!


Here is an interesting bag I spotted in the February issue of Organic Style (Thanks Lis!) It is called Forget Me Not and it is a hand stitched wool and silk bag listed at $1,750.

The magazine says it is available at NeimanMarcus or Bergdorf Goodman, but I can't find it at either site. Certainly would be a perfect spring bag for a recent lottery winner, combining two big trends floral prints and the color green.

UPDATE: here is a much less pricey alternative from our friends at Old Navy. Too bad it doesn't come in green, but it still might be worth it.


The Cinda Bag

020505bur.jpg I also wanted to jump on the bandwagon and start heaping praise on the new Cinda Bag from the Burberry Prorsum collection.

I've always been a huge fan of Burberry ever since I moved to Boston 5 years ago and noticed that 5 out of every 7 people I walked by on the street was wearing a certain checked scarf. I was so naive--I thought the Gap or some big chain must be having a sale and thats why everyone was wearing them! Eventually I discovered the truth and started peeking in the windows of the Burberry store on Newbury Street. Sometimes I would even go in, just to touch all the pretty plaid bags and scarfs. A few years later Stan got me a lovely scarf for out first Valentine's Day, and I was hooked. Last Christmas I bought myself a pair of Rain boots that I use to splash through puddles.

Back to the bag, I generally tend to avoid brown bags or shoes (mainly because of the always wearing black thing) but I think this rich shade of brown could change my mind. The same bag in the check with brown accents is also very nice, especially if you want everyone to know you are carrying a Burberry.

What I really like about this bag it the shape. It is a little slouchy to give it a hobo feel, but it still has a lot of structure to it to look very put together. The details on this bag are key with the dangling brown leather pulls and the braided handle.

Also, don't miss the Navy blue tote and handbag with white piping if you are looking for something a little different. Or if you'd rather be able to pay your rent this month save some bucks and grab the Old Navy version before it is gone from the sale racks.


February 5, 2005

Strike two...

...another miss in my quest to find my new carry all bag.

I spied In A Snap II over at the KC Web site and thought it would be perfect. I liked the metal grommets and the tote bag feel, but the best part was the beautiful eggplant muted purple which would make the bag stand out from anything else in my closet. Plus as a Bostonian I tend to wear black all the time and an eggplant purple would be perfect to go along with my head to toe black.

So I checked out the bag at the local KC store and didn't make the purchase. The bag wasn't as wide as I pictured, and I could see I would have trouble fitting all my stuff into the bag neatly. The leather was shinier then it looked on the site and the lovely muted eggplant was much brighter in person. More of a reddish-purple then muted eggplant. Always a good idea to see a bag in person instead of just ordering off the web.

But as luck would have it KC is doing a drive for clothes for the homeless until 2/15. So I dropped off a few old clothes, and now have 20% off coupon to use until mid-Feb. Check it out if you have a local store.

Keep an eye out for the next round of KC bags, etc. Sounds like there is some good stuff on the way:

"...a series of snakeskin boxy bags and slouchy totes in alternating bright and battered hues..."


February 1, 2005

Oi Oi Baby Bag


Why am I so obsessed with baby bags? I guess because many are both lovely and functional. The Poppy Print Messenger from Oi Oi is an example of this. Love the red & orange poppies against the pale blue background.

Babies come with great accessories!


My next bag? Or not.

012605coin.jpgI spotted this green coin purse bag on the Anthropologie site and was instantly smitten. The bag looked big and sturdy and the coin purses made it unique. I was planning on getting a new bag for the spring and this looked like The One. Of course I ran down to the local store to see the bag in person.

Well my local Anthroplogie didn't have the green version, just the red. When I first saw it i was disappointed. The red leather looked too fake and shiny. Plus the leather under the large coinpurse was crackling and buckling. Not a good sign. So I left the store without a new bag.

There's a number of other cute bags at Anthroplogie but my local store doesn't have them and I'm afraid to order with out seeing the bag in person.

Moving on...

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Bag Hook

So let's say you've finally found that perfect bag. You researched, shopped, trial run and experimented and it lead you to the bag of your dreams that holds all your bulky stuff and on top of that looks great dangling from your arm.

What do you do with that bag the first time you go to your local sit down restaurant and realize (with HOROR) that you'll need to rest your beautiful bag on the dirty, dirty floor?

What you do is get yourself one of these handbag hooks and your precious bag will dangle prettily in the air as you grab lunch.

More accesories for your bag:

Clear Vinyl Handbag File
Protect your bags from dust and damage as you store them in your closet.

Clear Zippered Cubes
Dump all the stuff thats been rattling around the bottom of your bag into one of the cubes, and you'll never be fumbling around again.


From Bags to Riches

From Bags to Riches looks to be a service similar to Bag, Borrow or Steal. I'll let you decide which one offers a better selection of bags.