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April 12, 2005

Who's That Bag?

The other day while walking through one of Houston's endless shopping plazas I spotted this delight in a store window. Of course I took a couple shots with my new camera phone.

This may be THE PERFECT BAG. Fabulous size and slouchy shape. Easy to open, full of pockets,and two straps to easily throw the bag over your shoulders. It was a on the large side and could easily be used as an everyday bag. Body of the bag was made of a light bronze weathered (? It looked rough) leather and accents were a smooth silver.

The perfect combo of cool looking but also very useful bag. So why haven't I bought it yet? Becuase I've made a number of big ticket purchases recently and trying to spend the rest of my cash wisely. The bag was $198 which is outside my comfort zone for a splurge purchase.

So I'm just going to sit and think about it....




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