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April 26, 2006

Future post test

this is a test of the MT future post


April 22, 2006

Seen around the web


Kooba Mia Bag


My new bag obsession is the Mia bag by Kooba. It has some of my favorite details in a bag: outside pockets, nice long straps, inside pockets and of course the lovely studs. I also like that it look vaguely 70's and I can sort of remember my mom having a similar bag when I was little. (Note: My mom just walked by me and noticed the Mia bag on my computer screen, and pointed out that the metal studs might wear off easily--something to think about.)

I think a retro bag like this would be a good long term bag for me, because with more trendy bags I tend to easily tire of the design. Plus from the large size it looks like it would make a great everyday bag for commuting to and from work. By that I mean it would fit my large lunch tupperware container.

I'm going to have to swing by the local Neiman Marcus to check out this bag in person. I've made a vow to never buy bags online without having seen them in person first AND making sure the new bags fits all the items currently in my bag. I had to many disappointments where I had to return an online bag because it wasn't exactly what I pictured.

Is the Kooba bag the new front runner instead of the LV Speedy? Stay tuned.