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August 24, 2006

Hot Topics

I'm always surprised when I go through my comments to see so much discussion STILL going on about things I posted over a year ago. I can only assume people are finding me through Google. I'm glad to have such opinionated readers at my site who care a great deal about the same bag related issues that interest me.

Anyway, in case you're curious here are the hot topics and most commented on entries here at The Bag Blog:


August 23, 2006

Oh Kirsten...

082306_kirsten.jpgMost of the online chatter about these pictures have been about how silly she looks flipping off the photographers or about Spiderman reshoots, but I am more concerned about the bag she is carrying.

Why on earth would Kirsten Dunst be carrying around almost the exact same Vera Bradley bag (or worse, a Vera knock off) that I myself had circa 2000? Now at the time I was pleased as punch with my little cotton bag. It cost me a bundle of my recent college grad salary, had fantastic pockets, and at the time it was the height of Boston preppy fashion.

But it is now 2006 and Kirsten must today have a WAY larger bank account then I did back then. And while I will admit to still having a soft spot for the Vera's (my weekend bag is a Miller in Java Blue) this is really unacceptable for someone rich and famous. Kirsten needs to get herself into Louis Vuitton or Prada store ASAP!


August 10, 2006

Gap Canvas Cosmetic Bags

I stopped by the Gap on my way home the other night and was happily surprised to see some good stuff in the women's dept. I am a Gap obsessive, but for the past 4 or so seasons I've been quite disappointed. As far as I'm concerned the Gap started to loose me when they booted the beautiful SJP for some random 19 year old. Around the same time I started my heavy shopping at Old Navy which still to this day never disappoints. For a while I was convinced all the good designers had gone from the Gap to Old Navy but I have no proof of this.

The other night what first caught my eye was the Contrast trim canvas satchel. On closer inspection I'm not crazy about the yellow/tan color though I do like the brown leather trim. Then I happened upon these lovely cosmetic bags in all sort of shapes, sizes and colors. I plan to pick up a couple of these small bags, not for cosmetics, but to keep everything organized in my larger commuting bag.

Now all the Gap needs to do to get back in my good graces is hire SJP back for all ads and give me this leather jacket for free and all will be forgiven!


August 4, 2006

Blue fly sale

Don't miss the Bluefly handbag sale going on right now. Some highlights are camel leather drawstring bag, decorated canvas hobo, a slick black leather tote, green studded bucket tote, bronze frame bag with pleats, and black & beige.