September 6, 2005

Ask the Bag Lady: Whimsical Lacoste Laptop Bag?


TBB reader Vanessa writes in looking for a professional, yet unique and whimsical carrying case for her new iBook. Specifically she wanted a striped Lacoste bag.

Vanessa, I'm not sure if I found exactly THE bag you were looking for, but I did find this Lacoste bag with a cute striped handle that looks like it may fit an iBook, while looking cute as a button.

Also, check out for some cute messenger bags that also look like they would fit an iBook.



February 9, 2005

Ask the Bag Lady: Affordable Laptop Bags


Dear Bag Lady,

The super-fantastic Manolo posted your link and now I have a burning question.  

Do you have recommendations for those of us who would like to carry our laptops in a bag that doesn't scream Functional But Ugly?  

Oh, and for less than $100?

Reader SC

Dear SC,
Funny you ask, since I just randomly bumped into some lovely (and affordable) laptop bags and couldn't resist purchasing one for myself.

Like most of you I have the corporate issued ugly black laptop bag that I have been using to cart my work laptop when I traveled. It was unimaginative and ugly, but it got the job done and it was provided by my company so I didn't have to pay for it and therefore I didn't give it a second thought.

That was until earlier this week when I stopped off at the Target for some batteries, cleaner, and handsoap and ended up stumbling on the perfect laptop bag.

The Black and White Polka Dot Zip-Top Laptop Carrying Case is cute and simple with plenty of room for a standard size laptop, for only $24.99. I instantly loved the polka dots but it also came in pink, and stripes. There is an additional design with a flap top and shoulder straps.

The polka dot bag has a padded, quilted inside to protect your laptop and I especially like the removable sholder strap so I can choose to carry the bag in my hands or over my sholder.

All the bags above, while better then the dull standard laptop case, are still a little on the traditional side. If you are looking for something that will really stand out try the Pink Italian Newspaper Laptop Bag. I didn't see this bag in the store and only now just spotted it online. Note that the online reviews are both negative, so probably best to look out for this bag in person at your local Target and buyer beware.

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January 20, 2005

Ask the Bag Lady

Dear Bag Lady,
I live in San Francisco and it will be raining continuously for the next month and half!! I need a bag that will hold up in the weather. Preferably, something vinyl and washable that will keep contents dry
and zips completely closed.

I usually carry a book, my regular purse, a water bottle, change of dry shoes, and my lunch to work, so it's got to be hefty! I'd love to find something like this that has a small outside zip pocket for quick-access contents like my subway pass. Oh, and it wouldn't hurt to have a rain bag with style!

Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Bag

Dear Raindrops,
The Bag Lady has been keeping your question in mind for the past few weeks as she shops for bags. A number of potential bags were spotted and she thinks you'll be pleased with the results!

012005gap.jpgNumber One Pick
The Gap Rainslicker collection will help keep your contents high and dry all through the rainy season. I prefer the Rainslicker tote in Sandlewood Pink, but there is also a Rainslicker mini hobo if you are looking for a smaller bag. Top the bag off with a cute rain hat to complete the look.

Also Worth Looking at
Old Navy has a current line of Piped Nylon Bags that would repel the rain. The Piped Nylon Purse is probably too small for all the things you carry, but I've spotted a Piped Nylon Tote in Navy at the stores.

If you are looking for a higher end bag try surfing on over to A + N (which the Bag Lady originally ready about in the Daily Candy) for a lovely line of nylon bags that look to be both sturdy, rain repellant and easy on the eyes. The Bag Lady has been admiring the Ava Shopper in all three colors and plans to look at them in person the next time she is in NYC.

Hope you like these suggestions and stay dry!

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