February 26, 2005

Diaper Bags for Men

Moms, tired of Dad getting out of diaper duty? Well here's a way to include him in the process, get him his very own MANLY diaper bag. The Diaper Dude in Camo is shaped like a messenger bag but has a changing pad, pockets and cell holder.

There is another version in blue camoflage.



February 1, 2005

Oi Oi Baby Bag


Why am I so obsessed with baby bags? I guess because many are both lovely and functional. The Poppy Print Messenger from Oi Oi is an example of this. Love the red & orange poppies against the pale blue background.

Babies come with great accessories!



January 6, 2005

Posh Baby Diaper Bags


I've long adored diaper bags even though I don't have a baby. I'm just fascinated by all the pockets and compartments; the complete and utter USEFULNESS that most other bags lack. You can tell that actual thoughts about how the bag will be used goes into creating them, unlike most of the handbags you see for sale.

So I was quite interested to see this diaper bag at Post Baby. (Seen via Urban Baby). The gypsy scarlet pattern reminds me of a lovely wallpaper in the house where I grew up. And it is water proof so I could walk the streets of Boston in a rainstorm without an umbrella without worring about my bag.

Plus there is ever a sale of slightly imperfect bags.

Looks like babies are great when it comes to accessories!



February 20, 2004

Baby Bags

Today I stumbled over and interesting photo site: photoethnography.com with some amazingly detailed info on classic cameras, etc. what caught my attention was this note about a camera bag:

I'm a big fan of using diaper bags for my day bags. They're cheap, capacious, have tons of pockets, have fold out changing sheets, and thieves seem to avoid them like the plague.

Something to keep in mind. I am always trying to adapt my handbags to be camera bags as well and most can't do the double duty. My camera ends up crammed and hard to reach, or takes up most of the room in the bag so I can't find my wallet.

Diaper bags sound like a good possibility, and I already saw a diaperbag at old navy that i liked.

A quick search at Babies R Us found some cute bags. There's also some higher end baby bags over at Kate Spade.