March 14, 2008

Hello Bag Man!


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December 28, 2007

I Need a lightweight bag

So I'm still loving and carrying around my beloved Kooba bag but the weight of the bag is starting to get to me. From my standing room only subway ride every morning, to going for a walk after work, or doing any type of shopping I end up with a sore back from toting around what feels like five bricks in a sack. I've even started to abandon some of my must carry items (emergency flashlight, spare deodorant, hard cover books) in order to lighten the weight. So I've decided my next bag purchase will be a nice lightweight tote that I can alternate with the Kooba and give my back a rest.


The fist lightweight bag that came to mind was the Longchamp Le Pliage that everyone and their mom carrys around. I actually purchased a smaller one in a lovely eggplant purple this past summer, but ended up returning it since it was too small. A larger size would be a great option for a lightweight bag since what is easier and more durable to carry around besides a nylon bag? I am afraid I will get sick of it quickly since they are so common in NYC and everywhere for that matter.

Next up I spied two cute totes from my main man MJ:
The supply tote in green canvas looks durable and lightweight and it looks like it would be easy to carry around town. I'm not so sure about the giant lettering along the side though, seems a little loud. Plus a canvas tote might be a litle snoozeville in a couple months.

Most recently I've been crushing on the MJ Distinguished Dot Tote in red. I love the bright pop of red which would look great against all my dark winter jackets. The zipper across the top would help me to close up my bag and not worry about pick pocketers or anything falling out. Plus I don't have any red bags so it would look different from all my other bags. The bright red dotes manage to be both simple and unusual at the same time.

Any other suggestions? Has anyone out there already found a great lightweight bag that is also LARGE that they can suggest?



August 5, 2007


Cool old bags spotted at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market.
Re: Comments

So somehow last week I screwed up my comments and possibly you noticed that it was impossible to comment at all. So in an effort to fix this today I upgraded to MT 3.35 and enabled TypeKey authentication in an effort to cut down on spam. Feel free to post a comment here or there to test out my new system!

Also, anyone know of a good layman's guide to setting up "Scheduled Posts" for MT? I really would like to post to the future but need a guide that explains scary words like "cron" or "shell access". I almost had this working last year, with the help of the program Terminal and many IMs with my brother, but I never got it exactly right.



January 30, 2005

Time to hit the mall

Your 17 year old little sister wanted a new bag for about $100...what do you suggest?

Closet Theraphy has some good ideas.

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February 16, 2004

Amazon Handbag Section

Another good bag resourse I just stumbled upon. The handbag section over at a total of 2193 handbags listed!



February 9, 2004

Keri Smith: Bag Lady

Here's the bag lady post by Keri Smith that originally got me seriously thinking about a bag blog.

I just love creative or unusual bags and i also love Keri Smith's lovely drawings. Plus it was nice to read someone else admitting to the world they were obsessed with bags. See it isn't just me--hooray! I also love to have that little "portable comfort zone (littleworld)" that Keri describes, but I also need the bag to make my day easier, not more complicated and i need the bag to make me smile whenever i pick it up.

so what qualities does a bag have to have before I would consider it?
1. MUST be able to hold my canon g3. no small task since this is a pretty bulky camera.
2. MUST make my day easier. for example, no complicated buckles or zippers or anything that makes it take more then one hand for me to read THE ESSENTIALS: my t-pass, chapstick and cell phone.
3. MUST provide me with security, ie I don't want to worry about losing anything. so while everything in the bag must be easy to reach, I still want to be able to quickly zip it secured away.
4. MUST be sturdy. i love seeing cute little handmade bags, but mine needs to be tough as nails. I need to be able to put up with a daily beating like being bumped around the subway, tossed into a drawer at work, opened over and over again.
5. MUST make me smile :) when I use it. I know I have bought the right bag when as I am falling asleep at night I think of the cool new bag I am using tomorrow and it makes me excited about the coming day!
also see Christine's bag of tricks!