September 5, 2007

Fashion Week Photos: Day 1

Dress for Misha.

First fashion item I recognized: shoes from Payless! Now I'm thinking of buying them....

Random entrance photo.

Hopefully better pics tomorrow. I spotted Brittany Snow standing behind me by the entrance but I felt stalker-like so I didn't take a pic.



August 23, 2006

Oh Kirsten...

082306_kirsten.jpgMost of the online chatter about these pictures have been about how silly she looks flipping off the photographers or about Spiderman reshoots, but I am more concerned about the bag she is carrying.

Why on earth would Kirsten Dunst be carrying around almost the exact same Vera Bradley bag (or worse, a Vera knock off) that I myself had circa 2000? Now at the time I was pleased as punch with my little cotton bag. It cost me a bundle of my recent college grad salary, had fantastic pockets, and at the time it was the height of Boston preppy fashion.

But it is now 2006 and Kirsten must today have a WAY larger bank account then I did back then. And while I will admit to still having a soft spot for the Vera's (my weekend bag is a Miller in Java Blue) this is really unacceptable for someone rich and famous. Kirsten needs to get herself into Louis Vuitton or Prada store ASAP!



May 18, 2006

Denise Richards bag


I have an idea in my head that I'd like to write more about celebrity bags since they really do set the trends for these rest of us, whether we like it or not. Plus I just find celebrity bags really interesting. (I'd really like to know what they carry IN their bags, but I'd probably get arrested if I tried to find out.)

Here's a shot of Denise Richards out shopping with what looks like an older Coach bag and some True Religion jeans.

Am I right about the Coach bag? The design looks very Coach-ey but I don't remember a bag trimmed with rabbit (?) fur. Coach or no, I assume she is shopping in LA and this is a recent picture, so the whole fur thing seems a little out of season. But I like the bag anyway, since it is a beautiful shade of blue leather and has great front pockets.



March 22, 2005

Gap Bag Celebrity Spotting


How great is this?

I was just checking out the photo page of one of my favorite sites, Celebrity Baby Blog, and I spot this photo of Reece Witherspoon walking around town with daught Ava AND a Gap Studded Handle Tote. This is great to see someone who is a millionaire how many times over carrying around a $50 bag. Yay Reece!

PS and Fantastic sunglesses!



February 7, 2005

Too many totes

The Daily News asks: Why does every B-list celeb design a line of handbags?

I tried looking online to look for bags by the B-list with a little success. I guess being famous doesn't make you very web savvy. Monica Lewinsky's site just posts a come back soon message and I didn't even both trying to put Pamela Anderson's name in a google search. Though I was happily suprised to see that Alek Wek's WEK 1933 line is actually very nice and I've seen some creative bags in Gwen Stephani's LeSportsac collection.

I couldn't find much for Nicky Hilton except for this fan site. Probably a good thing you can't really see too much of the bags since they look real tacky.