July 30, 2007

Sew Mama Sew Bag Contest


1. Modified Amy Butler In Town, 2. Vintage Hyacinth Bag..., 3. Amy Butler Weekender Bag, 4. Black Bird Shoulder Bag, 5. Bag made during workshop, 6. Grocery Shopping Tote, 7. Sweet Sixteen Bag, 8. Flowered Evening Bag, 9. BTRS - Charming Purse

I was honored to be asked to be a judge of the Sew Mama Sew Bag Contest and I was blown away by all the fantastic submissions. It makes me start thinking about sewing again.

Stay tuned for the winner and check out the Flickr Photo Pool.

Update: The winners have been announced! Shoulder Bags, Other Bags, Handbag, and Permalink


January 26, 2005

Funky knit bag with bamboo handles


We're planning a wedding...so I'm under strict instructions to keep my spending under control. So since I really want a new bag I'm going to make one instead. I discovered this great tinsel pattern over at knitty.com.

My first step is going to be checking out some local craft stores here in Houston to look for some nice bamboo handles. Then instead of fraying metallic fabric for yarn I'm going to use some recycled sari yarn that I was originally going to used for a scarf.

A new bag for about $25! ($20 yarn + $5 handles)

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December 10, 2004

My Homemade Tote Bag

This is old news. I posted in on my now dead personal blog back in March 2004, but I'm reposting it here just in case anyone sees it and has any questions as to how it was made. I am taking credit for making it, but in reality my mom did a lot of the work.
- - - - -
i made my first homemade totebag a few weekends ago. i am already starting to stockpile fabric like crazy. i get the iron ons for this bag at kinko's in kendall square. only copy place in all of boston that does it. cheap though, $11 for 3 8x10 sheets.

sara's homemade photo totebag




and, drumroll please....




February 21, 2004

Patterns & Ideas

note to self, patterns for bags:
flapper girl fabrics
kwik sew bags I
kwik sew bags II
art of the midwest
easy tote bag with instructions
sqaure bottomed lined bag from sew wrong.
purses and handbags

...TONS! wow.