August 28, 2007

Fall Coveting Part 1: Somerset vertical tote


I'm starting to research my fall shopping, and of course this includes bags. I am hoping to get more milage out of my beautiful Kooba bag, but I must admit I have a wandering eye when it comes to this sort of thing. And of late, my eye has landed on the Somerset vertical tote from Banana Republic.

I like that this bag looks very briefcase-ey, and although my interviews are few and far between this would be a good professional bag to be seen with and would hold all sorts of papers and folders etc. I think I'm also starting to tired of the slouchy hobo bag shape, and this one is boxy and structured.

I would wear this bag with a suit and heels, but i think it would also look great with some ripped jeans and a tank top.



March 24, 2007

Sample sale, Part I

Sometimes you luck out shopping, sometimes you don't. Here's how I lucked out at a recent sample sale.

If you've been reading this blog you know how much I love the Ada bag by Kooba. I would visit it at fancy department stores and be sad that I could never afford such beauty.

I had gotten a number of emails from Clothing Line sample sales since moving to NYC, but had not been able to attend any. But when I saw the name KOOBA pop up in my inbox last month I knew I had to check it out.

021507_kooba03.jpg So the first day the sale opened I ran down during lunch. It was a bit of an odd experience since I wasn't sure what to expect. I had to go up to the second floor on some creeky stairs in a building with no name on the front and walk on to this very industrial floor. I thought I had taken a wrong turn or the email was a scam. Then I turned a corner...and saw racks of clothes (and Kooba bags!) and about a hundred women in a flurry of shopping! Everyone was gravitating towards the Kooba bags, or was on their cell phone telling their friends to hurry down.

021507_kooba04.jpg I was amazed when I ran back to where the Kooba bags were to not only see the beautiful Ada in black but for LESS then what I had decided my deal breaker price was. I was temporarily distracted by the Ginger bag in a beautiful chocolate brown, but eventually I decided my heart was with Ada.

021507_kooba02.jpg All in all this is a great bag, and I am so happy we will be together for years to come. Plus, it makes it even better that I got it at a huge discount and discovered the wonder of sample sales. My only critique about the bag is that it is pretty heavy, and once it is loaded up with all my crap I do end up with a sore shoulder when I am walking around a lot. I love how it looks tough on the outside with black leather and rivets all over it, but the insides is a beautiful pink/mauve ultra suede. It is a great contrast, and I like having a bag that I can tell some thought went into the details.

Stay tuned for Sample Sales Part II: Lauren Merkin!



January 12, 2007

The Hunt Pt 1: Ashbury four-pocket hobo from Banana Republic


New year, new bag: I am once again on the hunt for a new everyday bag. I'm looking for pretty much the same thing I always look for: a city commuting bag that is easy to carry and can hold everything. And I mean everything, such as my lunch, my 5 lip balms, my 3 forms of SPF and my Netflixes that I meant to mail but got stuck at the bottom of my bag. Bonus points for pockets that keep me organized. I need easy access to my Metrocard, building pass, and cell phone. I need a good place to keep my keys so they don't get lost and a pocket to tuck away my digital camera. In short, it is a tall order, I am very picky and there are few bags out there that are designed with this much thought.

The first potential bag that caught my eye is the Ashbury four-pocket hobo from Banana Republic. Of course the four front pockets were a big draw since I like to be able to easily find all my crap. And it looks like a well constructed bag that would last forever and would only look better with use.

Yesterday while shopping in Herald Square at 34th Street I stopped by the local Banana Republic to check out the bag in person and I was surprised to see that it actually seems larger in person then on the site. Also on the site the bag looks like it is the shape of a rectangle, but in person it was more of a triangle which I didn't really like since it looked more slouchy then professional.

The hunt continues!



October 6, 2006

Sweater girl tote


With winter on its way the Sweater Girl Tote by Rafe has caught my eyes a few times at Anthropologie. I like the tassels and the metal hardware against the contrast of the grey knit and black leather.

More from Anthropologie:
**Although its not shown on the web site I've seen the Wise Old Tote and the Big Love Tote on the Sale racks.
**Not bag related, I picked up the Spray Can Skirt recently which should keep me warm (and colorful) all winter long.



MICHAEL Michael Kors Studded Shopper

While standing in the check out line at the Anthropologie at Rockefeller Center today I noticed a woman carrying a leather studded Michael Kors bag similar to the one of the left but in a taller square shape. Her bag was beautifully worn in and the perfect size for a little after work shopping. Plus I'm a sucker for anything with studs.

So I'll be keeping an eye out for this bag in the coming weeks.



May 18, 2006

LapSack totes


Speaking of perfect the LapSack tote bills itself as "the perfect tote." I'll let you decide if this is true or not, but there are some things in their favor. I like the "Africa" tote the best because of the cool zebra print with wine leather trim. The laptop compartment is padded and there are other pockets for your phone, PDA, etc.

My only concern is that whenever I carry my laptop I need a shoulder bag since it is so heavy. But maybe those of you with lighter laptops can get away with the shorter straps. And lets face it the shorter straps look much nicer anyway.



Kooba Ada

I might as well just take out a giant loan and buy one of each bag at Kooba so I can stop obsessing.

The latest is the lovely Ada which won me over with its simple design and studded ornaments. This bag could be worn to dress up some jeans or with a more formal pant suit to make the outfit more slouchy and casual.

The key to this bag really is in the studs. I think without them the bag still would be very nice, but would be a bit boring and unpredictable. But once the studs are on, this bag stands out in a crowd.

This bag would also make a good commuting bag thanks to it large size and depth. The two side pockets would hold your Metro cards and some lip gloss. Could this be the perfect bag? Quite possible!



April 22, 2006

Kooba Mia Bag


My new bag obsession is the Mia bag by Kooba. It has some of my favorite details in a bag: outside pockets, nice long straps, inside pockets and of course the lovely studs. I also like that it look vaguely 70's and I can sort of remember my mom having a similar bag when I was little. (Note: My mom just walked by me and noticed the Mia bag on my computer screen, and pointed out that the metal studs might wear off easily--something to think about.)

I think a retro bag like this would be a good long term bag for me, because with more trendy bags I tend to easily tire of the design. Plus from the large size it looks like it would make a great everyday bag for commuting to and from work. By that I mean it would fit my large lunch tupperware container.

I'm going to have to swing by the local Neiman Marcus to check out this bag in person. I've made a vow to never buy bags online without having seen them in person first AND making sure the new bags fits all the items currently in my bag. I had to many disappointments where I had to return an online bag because it wasn't exactly what I pictured.

Is the Kooba bag the new front runner instead of the LV Speedy? Stay tuned.



January 26, 2006

Finally a unique bag

I don't know about you, but I like the idea of having a bag that is unique to me and me alone. One way to do this would be to start up my long dormant plan of sewing my own bags.

Or I could go with an easier option: Finally Stopped Dressing for the Boys, a line of femine, one of a kind bags made of old army bags. My favorite is Oragami because I like the combination of grommets, sillk and army fabric. Plus with three inner pockets it sounds downright useful.

Check out all four bags if you are looking for something a little different.



January 5, 2006

White bags of all shapes, sizes and prices

I'v gotten a couple email requests about white bags so I'm going to try to pull up some suggestions all in one post. I always ruled out white bags for myself as too risky since they could get dirty fast. I tend to bang up my bags, so white seemed to be asking for trouble. But not only is white going to be big this spring, but I've also found myself keeping an eye out for winter white this season. So for all seasons, you can't go wrong with white.

* Lucy Leather Tote from Kooba
Fiorucci White Braided Handle Bag
at Target. SImple and sweet, especially the braided detail.
*Kempton small shoulder bag from Banana Republic.
*Coach Hamptons Leather Satchel
*Woven Bucket Bag from Urban Outfitters
*The Montauk Large Hogo from Hayden-Harnett
*Sequined-Strap Bag from Old Navy. Would be fantastic to carry around this spring.
*Dior Flight Leather Shopper seen at Purseuing.
* Mulberry Tassle Phoebe seen at BagCrazy
*Lastly, my favorite of the white bags Shadow play hobo from Anthropologie



December 10, 2005

In the mood for something studded


I know I am jumping on the studded bandwagon a little late, but I'm really facinated by this bag from Michael Kors. The front pockets look useful and easy to open and close. The straps look like they would fit over my bulky jacket. I think this would make a good everyday commuting bag.

The metallic, whipstitched version is also lovely.

Nordstorm's looks to be the place to go to for studded bags. Betsey Johnson has the Heavy Metal Hobo, and the Marrakech.

In addition, while not studded the Good Girl Hobo is sesible and classic but with a cool, comfy vibe.



December 3, 2005

Coach Leather pleated hobo


Its been awhile since I've seen anything interesting at Coach. I'm so sick of the signature canvas, and I'm undecided on this new patchwork line. It seemed like the designers at Coach were asleep at the wheel, not coming out with anything new or different.

But I did a double take when I saw the Leather pleated hobo. Simple, but not boring. Classic, but a little funky. I love the chain that crosses the front and the lovely pleats. My only complaint is that that hardware only comes in brass, where I would prefer a silver tone.

Honorable mention goes to the Chelsea Turnlock hobo.



November 27, 2005

Bags I cannot get off my mind

Kooba "Sienna" Bag

Michael Kors "Astor" Bag

Banana Republic Bloombury Large Tote

Coach Large Weekend Tote

Louis Vuitton Cabas Mezzo

The older I get the more expensive my taste becomes.



October 8, 2005

NYTimes Style article


In case you were the only one to miss it the New York Times had a recent Style article Over the Shoulder, Over the Top about high end designer bags.

I'll never be able to drop $1K for a bag, as much as I love them, but it is an interesting article, covering why some women buy such extravagant items even though they know the price is outrageous.

I would probably be inclined to buy a pricey bag if I knew I could get lots of use out of it, but I am just so finicky that a bag I love today I can't stand tomorrow. Plus my day bag gets so baged up on my commute that an expensive bag just wouldn't be practical. But a girl can dream of someday right?

My favorite quotes from this article:

In related new I actually had my first spotting of a Chloe Paddington bag yesterday on the arms of a woman walking into the Gap in Harvard Square. I wasn't able to get close enough for a good look without looking sketchy, but I get a good view of the paddlock as I walked by her.

What is the most you have ever spent on a handbag? For me it was $150 for a black leather Coach bag a few years ago. I know that's a drop in the bucket campared to the bags in this NYTimes article, but I was quite happy with my purchase.



September 20, 2005

Cole Haan Lunch Tote


Have you ever seen a bag and fallen instantly in love with it? Me too. But have you ever seen a bag, and not liked it much the first time, and then took a second look and fallen in love? That's how I felt when I saw the new Cole Haan Lunch Totes.

Besides the fun name, I like that the tote looks roomy and has lots of access from the top. Plus the strap and the way it loops through the bag is very unique. The olive metallic is my favorite, and it also comes in a Mini Lunch Tote.

I'd need to see it in person to be sure, but I think this may be my fall IT bag!



February 14, 2005

Coach bag

Thoughts on the new spring bags from Coach? I have a fondness for the Suede Pocket Satchel with the blue trim, though I tend to stay away from suede since it tends to look dirty real fast. I am a big fan of pockets and this bag delivers in that department.

I've seen the Optic Signature Suede Gallery Tote in a number of summer fashion guides and an example of the bright colors in fashion now. Personally I think the Coach "C" thing has passed, simply making the "C's" bigger doesn't change that. To bad since the colors are nice.

021405_chevron.jpgJury is also out on the Chevron hobo. I like the fact that is is unique, but still has a simple design. But I'm just not a fan of the mustard/orange combo. If it was something in a cool green/blue combo, I might consider it.



February 7, 2005

Flowered Longchamp bag

While poking around the Create Your Own Les Pliages bag at Longchamp I saw this one from the Phuket line. Sadly the site is too confusing for a link, but it is a lovely bag nonetheless.



February 6, 2005

The Cinda Bag

020505bur.jpg I also wanted to jump on the bandwagon and start heaping praise on the new Cinda Bag from the Burberry Prorsum collection.

I've always been a huge fan of Burberry ever since I moved to Boston 5 years ago and noticed that 5 out of every 7 people I walked by on the street was wearing a certain checked scarf. I was so naive--I thought the Gap or some big chain must be having a sale and thats why everyone was wearing them! Eventually I discovered the truth and started peeking in the windows of the Burberry store on Newbury Street. Sometimes I would even go in, just to touch all the pretty plaid bags and scarfs. A few years later Stan got me a lovely scarf for out first Valentine's Day, and I was hooked. Last Christmas I bought myself a pair of Rain boots that I use to splash through puddles.

Back to the bag, I generally tend to avoid brown bags or shoes (mainly because of the always wearing black thing) but I think this rich shade of brown could change my mind. The same bag in the check with brown accents is also very nice, especially if you want everyone to know you are carrying a Burberry.

What I really like about this bag it the shape. It is a little slouchy to give it a hobo feel, but it still has a lot of structure to it to look very put together. The details on this bag are key with the dangling brown leather pulls and the braided handle.

Also, don't miss the Navy blue tote and handbag with white piping if you are looking for something a little different. Or if you'd rather be able to pay your rent this month save some bucks and grab the Old Navy version before it is gone from the sale racks.



January 23, 2005

Cole Haan Trinity Python Satchel

SheFinds also pointed me in the direction of this lovely Cole Haan Trinity Python Satchel in black. Then I saw it again while flipping through a recent issue of InStyle.

Way more pricey then my bag budget, but perhaps there is a Bag Blog reader with deeper pockets that would like this information. The description says it can fit a laptop, which as a current (and I might add) very happy laptop owner, that would be very handy if I wanted to take my laptop down to a local wifi coffee & tea shop. My iBook would certainly be traveling in style!



December 16, 2004

Longchamp Rectangular Pouchette

longchamp bags, store window

The latest bag I am keeping an eye on is is the Rectangular Pouchette from Longchamp. It can be seen in the above photo on the bottom right. I had a staff meeting last week for work and noticed a woman from another department carry this tiny bag in a lovely forrest green. Of course I watched the bag for the entire meeting instead of paying attention. I was picturing how such a petite bag could hold my wallet, phone, and maybe even a small digital camera. I could keep in a larger bag and then job pop out the pouchette if just needed my essentials. I visted the Longchamp store in Boston and they had a whole wall of these lovely bags in all different colors. Maybe a post-christmas presient for me?
Also, this interesting expandable nylon bag.



February 24, 2004

Anya Hindmarch

Also while surfing the forums at the Lucky magazine site I saw a mention of Anya Hindmarch bags, including be a bag. I really like the simple design of the bags and the original photos.

Her web site seems to be mostly about ordering a custom made photo bag, but some non-custom photo bags are on ebay like this one. I like how the photo is on all four sides of the bag.



Bags Seen Around the net

Lucky magazine has a 'catch of the day" link for this big bag tote by a.p.c. Can you believe $139 for a simple cotton tote? Me neither. But I like the bag esp the simple denim color. Something to think about for when I start sewing my bags.

Lovely simple Burberry tote with leather straps ($375!)

Makeup bag in full bloom

tote le monde jackson tote. love the outside pockets.



February 21, 2004

Kate Spade Garden Bag

Searching around the Kate Spade site I saw the new Garden Tote and instanly loved the colors. Esp the red handles.

And I love that it was inspired by a garden tote, an already useful and durable bag, and then modified to be a nice simple purse. I do wish it came in a larger size thougth.

REAL garden totes also look very useful for things other then gardening.