November 1, 2005

Guest Bag Blogger: Cindy of Conversations with Famous Writers


I would like to introduce you to the turquoise studded bag I bought last year at Kohl's. I was probably headed into the store for something entirely different like a birthday present for a friend or a new pair of underpants when my eye fell onto this charming purse at the bottom of a sale rack, sitting alone like a sad puppy. It was 30% off and with an extra 10% off for using my Kohl's card, it would only be $12. This girl cannot pass up a bargain! I decided to buy it even though it was completely impulsive and I did not need yet another purse. I tossed it into my cart and forgot why I came to the store in the first place. A shirt and a pair of shoes later, I headed home with my goodies.

I really wanted one of those huge bags like the Olsen sisters carry around. But this bag offered to glam up any outfit and it easily accommodated several receipts from Target, my makeup bag along with a bulging wallet (bulging with change) my keys and a few pens and random gum wrappers and of course, the oversized sunglasses.

Even when I'm a non-trendy slob in simple jeans and a tee shirt with flip-flops, the bag dresses me up and lets people know that I'm not a complete slacker. The bag says, "This person is hip! She is trendy! The color matches her eyes!"

I lust after the Birkin bags and drool over the Balenciagas, but am quite happy with my no name Kohl's bag with the faux leather and rhinestones instead of Swarovski crystals and imported Italian leather . My Kate Spade is gathering dust because I'm too afraid to use it- what if I get it dirty? What if I lose it? With the turquoise bag on my arm, I have no worries in the world.

Cindy is a writer who works on Conversations with Famous Writers and Conversations about Famous People. She lives in southern California.

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October 19, 2005

Guest Bag Blogger: Pamela Pekerman of


Investment is a funny word. Most people think about real estate or paintings. I think about bags. Yup, a bag is a personal investment – you’re saying, “I care about how I look and I want you to see me as a Balenciaga girl or a Botkier girl.” Each handbag carries a different message and perception.

When I was in college and didn’t have a lot of bags (a sad time, truly) I still wanted one great bag. One great bag means a classic design, a universal shape, a resilient fabric, an unmistakable winner! My choice was the Louis Vuitton Speed 30, and for my 19th birthday, that is what I got. At around $500 it wasn’t the logical bag for a college sophomore to carry, but I new it was worth it. The slouchy doctor’s bag is ideal for school, now work, and for weekend adventures. I literally put my entire life in it – makeup bag, card case, a book, a magazine, some files, my wallet, my cell, my i-pod, and still have room for my lunch. This bag has been caught in a torrential rain storm in Vegas, a blizzard in New York, the smoldering sun in Los Angeles, and used as carry-on luggage when I travel. Despite the oxidation and heavy wearing that has altered the light tan handles and piping into a burnt-orange shade, the bag is a good as new.


Really, the speedy has become a loyal friend. I trust it. When I can’t decide what bag to take, Louis is always there. The monogram brown on tan pattern matches every clothing combination and color– skirts, jeans, black pants, white pants. It has truly lived up to the “investment” I always
knew it would become.

Moral of the story? Having lots of bags is great. In fact, I recommend it! But, having one great bag is a necessity for any woman. Make your pick from newbies like Bulga and Ted Rossi or go with old-faithfuls like Louis Vuitton and Prada. Because, as I always say, a great bag is the only item that can take an outfit from special to spectacular.

Pamela Pekerman is a bagaholic who turned her passion into a business. Using the skills she learned as a journalism student at NYU and her internship experience at InStyle, Cosmopolitan, YM and the Today Show, she created, an online magazine devoted exclusively to bags.



September 21, 2005

Guest Bag Blogger: Beth from Just My Cup of Tea

I love a Great Bag. Who doesn’t? But my true weakness? I am a total sucker for finding that Great Bag at a fantastic price. And even better? Finding it at a totally unexpected place.

For example:

Friend: I love your bag! Where did you get it?
Me: I From Salvation Army
Friend: I Really? You should tell people you got it from some boutique on the Lower East Side
Me: INo way! It’s cooler because I got it at a thrift store.

Of course you can find a beautiful bag at Prada or Kate Spade or Louis Vuitton – that’s easy-as-pie! But what about Old Navy? Or H&M? Or Goodwill? Are you up to the challenge?

I am. Always.

For me half the fun is the hunt. Finding that perfect something you didn’t know you needed and don’t know how you could have lived without for all these years. And the bonus? The sheer sticker shock you have when you realize you won’t have to rearrange your finances to manage the bag and your rent.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite finds.

Exhibit 1:
This beaut is from H&M. I love everything about it – the size, the color, the shape – and especially the price. $49.99 and 100% real leather. This is the type of bag that pulls together absolutely any outfit. And it has that boho-chic feel I can never resist. I’m certain Sienna Miller would approve. And at this price, I can buy the bag and a copy of US Weekly.

Exhibit 2:
Like a man, a good clutch is hard to find. This one however, was love at first sight. I found it at the Salvation Army in Syracuse, New York and I am not kidding when I tell you it cost $1. I use it all the time. Dressed up. Dressed down. Sometimes I even carry it when I’m not dressed at all. But that’s another article for another time.

Exhibit 3:
This red number is another thrift store find and though I’d be lying if I told you I remember which thrift store I bought it from, I clearly remember the price: $3.99. Yep, you read me. I got this bag for less than it costs to get a grande iced mocha at Starbucks. It’s completely classic and yet modern at the same time. And the color? To die for. A total traffic stopper.

Exhibit 4:
I found this bag when I popped into Old Navy – literally – to kill 5 minutes before meeting friends. I did a quick (and unsuccessful) breeze through the store and on my way out I saw this bag hanging on the wall with a “50% off” sign displayed prominently above it. Before I knew it, I was in a line, debit card in hand. This bag – which cost me $8.94 including tax - reminds me of something you’d see on a sophisticated, yet totally cool urbanite or as part of the perfect mix-and-match outfit. And I have to admit, a major reason I am so madly in love with this bag is its rich purple-pink lining. Of course no one will see that but me, but it’s a little secret I am happy to have.

You can find the author at Just My Cup of Tea.
She likes other things besides bags. Like shoes, magazines, cupcakes, margaritas and boys.



May 3, 2005

Guest Bag Blogger: Lizabeth Sorensen of



thriftychick_coach.jpg thriftychick_insidecoach.jpg

My favorite bag that I own is my Coach black leather mini hobo. Yes, I know what you must be thinking how can the Thrifty Chick’s favorite bag be a Coach? While I was a young fashionista in training I learned from my Mother that everyone should have at least one good bag. Save up if you have to but buy a leather classic handbag that if you treat it well will be enjoyed for years to come. Between Fendi and others, her Coach has stood the test of time both trend wise and construction wise.

I decided a couple years ago that I would take the plunge and splurge, so of course being the Thrifty Chick that I am I drove to the Coach outlet in Lee MA, with my friend Franesa. It was one of those, “if you do it- I will do it” so we did it together type of things. We both spent our hard earned cash on the bags of our dreams. I got the mini hobo, she a larger red leather piece (but after all she is married to the Doctor and me a drummer). The outlet price was $98 and I have never had buyer’s remorse.

I take my mini hobo out a lot. We go to the grocery, the mall and now that I have a baby it is easy to put my little black bag inside the larger diaper bag. I treat it with care and lovingly apply the Coach leather lotion to keep it soft.

So what I say is go out and get whatever bag you like. My own rule is that if the bag is over $50 think to the future and decide whether or not you will still want to carry it around in 10, 20, 30 years.

Lizabeth Sorensen is the editor-in-chief of and She works, and shops from her home in Upstate, New York.



January 6, 2005

Guest Bag Blogger: Alissa Anderson

One new feature we are working on here at The Bag Blog is inviting people we know to write an entry describing their favorite bag.




My favorite handbag is a tapestry carpet bag from Target, if only because it fools many people into thinking it is a unique, handmade, antique item rather than something that was mass-produced in China and mass-marketed at Target stores across the nation.  

I found it the day my old roomate Gabe was nice enough to drive me down to the airport to pick up my brother.  On the way back up to San Francisco, I think we stopped at Target to avoid traffic, and In-n-Out burger so that Ross could taste the local cuisine.  

Even though I found my bag quite randomly at Target, I've never seen another like it on another girl's arm and I think it suits my personality perfectly: heavy duty and practical, with a hint of whimsical beading, in a nostalgic vintage style. My carpet bag has already lasted over a year and is still going strong, and best of all I don't have to worry about treating it gently because it's so far from being designer.  

So girls, don't be turned off by the lack of brand name--patience and a keen eye
for style will find you exactly what you're looking for (or not looking for) on the bargain racks.

Alissa Anderson works in publishing and lives in lovely San Francisco. She infrequently chronnicles the adventures of the smartest cat in the world.

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