March 26, 2005

Laptop Bags Revisted

Sad to say, but I'm having buyer's remorse about the black polka dotted laptop bag I bought recently at Target. Sure it is slick looking and better then a corporate issued black bag, but all it took was one use when flying from Houston to Boston to discover some design flaws.

First off, the bag fits a laptop and thats it. Let me repeat that, it fits the lap top only. There was no place to put my mouse or power cord and I had to wrap them up and jam them in the side which made it nearly impossible to zip up with out ripping the zipper. I can't think of a possible time when I would need a lap topbag but wouldn't also need these items. And the zippered pocket on the side was pretty much useless.

The detachable shoulder strap was the best, and only useful feature. Well, the polka dots were nice too. But besides that I was pretty much just annoyed and frustrated with this bag while making my way into the airport, or when I was commuting into Boston to work. And the whole point of the laptop bag is that it should make them easier and convenient.

So the laptop bag has found a new home. I've given it to my sister who has a slightly smaller laptop that will be a better fit for this bag

But I'm not giving up, in fact I already have my eye on a new laptop bag at Timbuk2 (seen via Purseuing). I like the shape of the bag, it doesn't look like a laptop bag at all. There are a number of vibrant colors to choose from and I'm interested to see the "no-slip shoulder handles". The bag doesn't look too big or too small, and it could also be used as a travel bag or even and everyday bag with or without a laptop. The web site is well designed and even has a button that shows a picture of the inside of the bag.

I've already found the stores nearby that carry Timbuk2 and hope to stop by sometime and see how the bag looks in person.



March 10, 2005

Two Good Things at

I'm getting really addicted to Below are two good things I saw recently:

After I wrote about laptop bags, reader Anne wrote in looking for an oversized laptop bag for those ginourmous laptops. I was never able to find anything but links to these suede laptop bags which include large sizes.

Next up is the Lucky Beggar Purse, from, designed after these familiar cups. A portion of the proceeds are donated to a homeless charity. I've already ordered mine!



February 9, 2005

Ask the Bag Lady: Affordable Laptop Bags


Dear Bag Lady,

The super-fantastic Manolo posted your link and now I have a burning question.  

Do you have recommendations for those of us who would like to carry our laptops in a bag that doesn't scream Functional But Ugly?  

Oh, and for less than $100?

Reader SC

Dear SC,
Funny you ask, since I just randomly bumped into some lovely (and affordable) laptop bags and couldn't resist purchasing one for myself.

Like most of you I have the corporate issued ugly black laptop bag that I have been using to cart my work laptop when I traveled. It was unimaginative and ugly, but it got the job done and it was provided by my company so I didn't have to pay for it and therefore I didn't give it a second thought.

That was until earlier this week when I stopped off at the Target for some batteries, cleaner, and handsoap and ended up stumbling on the perfect laptop bag.

The Black and White Polka Dot Zip-Top Laptop Carrying Case is cute and simple with plenty of room for a standard size laptop, for only $24.99. I instantly loved the polka dots but it also came in pink, and stripes. There is an additional design with a flap top and shoulder straps.

The polka dot bag has a padded, quilted inside to protect your laptop and I especially like the removable sholder strap so I can choose to carry the bag in my hands or over my sholder.

All the bags above, while better then the dull standard laptop case, are still a little on the traditional side. If you are looking for something that will really stand out try the Pink Italian Newspaper Laptop Bag. I didn't see this bag in the store and only now just spotted it online. Note that the online reviews are both negative, so probably best to look out for this bag in person at your local Target and buyer beware.

Have a question for the Bag Lady? Let us know.