July 28, 2008

Dorky post about my web site technical issues...

Magid Handbag signs, NYC

Yikes, my comment spam is out of control! I'm looking for ways to streamline the back end management for this site since right now I just don't have the time to deal with all the technical issues...I just want to talk about bags! Right now I drowning in comment/email spam and need to make a million technical improvements, but don't have the time or interest to do all the trouble shooting. I have a million bag related posts I want to make but as soon as I open up Moveable Type and see all the spam and my buggy HTML my brain just goes BLAAAHHH and I surf on to another site.

Wordpress looks interesting, but after aprox 8 years as an Moveable Type user I just don't think I can teach myself a whole new blogging system. I'm thinking of migrating The Bag Blog over to Typepad which yes you have to pay for, but I really like the idea of having someone else take care of all the technical issues and deal with all the comment spam prevention etc

I've always been really proud of the fact that I handled both the technical and creative side of all my web sites, but at this point I give up and need some help! Any other bloggers about there that have found a good solution to this issue? Let me know: saralovering AT gmail DOT com



April 15, 2008

Gap Design Editions



This morning I headed into work early to mail my taxes at the Rockefeller Center post office, only to find out at 8:55 there was a line of about 50 people and they were not opening early to let everyone in. Instead of sticking around, I decided to just mail my taxes at lunch and spend the next 5 min running across the street to the Gap at 48th and 6th to check out the Gap Design Edition white shirts.

I should probably point out first that I am NOT a white shirt person. Too wrinkly, to stiff, and too likely to have something spilled on them. I generally live in C&C type shirt that are strechy, colorful and fitted. But I was curious to see the Gap shirts in person. I passed with the last set because they did not seem very practical, but this time there were some interesting designs.

The Gap was pretty empty at 9am, and I only spotted one other girl grabbing at the white shirts, and there were actually S and XS shirts available. I snapped up the one I liked the most online, the Bell sleeve shirt by Phillip Lim and another that looked even better in person, the Western Shirt by Michael Bastian.

I loved the Phillip Lim shirt. The bell sleeves, ruching by the back of the neck, and the covered buttons were such pretty details that turned it into a sweet and pretty top. The Michael Bastian was a little too billowy for me, and budget-wise I was limited to one shirt.

Lucky for me I discovered a 15% off coupon on my way up to the register that slightly allowed me to justify my now one and only Phillip Lim item in my wardrobe!

More reviews:
Cheryl Shops
Fashion Herald



March 4, 2008

Six feet tall all summer long..

..thanks to my new shoes: Kork-Ease Patent Wedge on sale at Urban Outfitters.



February 26, 2008

I have a problem with skinny jeans...

They just don't work on me. Skinny jeans are like a puzzle I can't figure out. I see the outfits on celebrities and in magazine that look wonderful, but on me it just looks awkward and I feel uncomfortable. Maybe I will always be stuck in the late 90s, but I think boot cut or wide leg jeans are so much more flattering on pretty much everyone.



February 5, 2008

My new shoe$


So money! From Payless, of course.



July 11, 2007

Beauty product day!

Every have one of those days where you just get obsessed with buying beauty products and can't stop? That day was today.

Duane Reade: I picked up my latest nail polish crush "Ballet Slipper" from Essie. I selected this color for my manicure last week, and now I must have some at home for all times. It is the perfect summer shade. Light, airy and easy going!

Bergdorf Goodman: It was time to stock up on my Laura Mercier Tinter Moisturizer, aka The One Makeup Product I Can't Live Without. Normally I get Porcelain, but this lady gave me Nude. Not sure if I should return it for my normal color, or give Nude a shot.

Sephora: I've been wanting to give bronzer try for a while. Since I have fair skin and stay out of the sun my skin never ever has a "sun kissed glow"...so I might as well fake it. I picked up a CARGO bronzer that is nice and shimmery, but not over the top so I can avoid the dreaded Dina Lohan Orange Face. I also picked up a new Bronzer brush.

The Body Shop: A favorite of my teenage years, I've rediscovered the Body Shop in the past year or so. I'm hooked on all the fruity shower gels and buy them in all sorts of scents. Today I ran in to purchase a tube of Seaweed Exfoliant after reading this post & comments over at fashionista.com. Of course now I'm curious about this Cellulite Serum so I may be making a return trip!



June 29, 2007

Hooray for Wide leg jeans!

So I'm supposed to be enjoying a relaxing California vacation right now, but JetBlue cancelled my flight for no reason and can't rebook me until Saturday morning. So I look to the new style in denim to cheer me up.


Is anyone else besides me thrilled to see wide leg pants coming back? I was never able to successfully master the skinny jeans, and not for lack of trying. Even though I am tall and have a thin frame (ie skinny) the actually skinny jeans always looked dreadful on me. They managed to make my butt look huge and out of proportion giving me the dreaded "carrot" shape. Wide leg, flare, or bell bottom jeans always look much better on my frame, for whatever reason.

WhoWhatWear Daily, one of my favorite reads, has a great article about the wide legs, including my most recent denim purchase Seven's Ginger jeans, which might be the most flattering pair of jeans I have ever worn. And a dark enough denim that I can wear them to work. I'm not the only fan it looks like since the article calls them a "celeb favorite"!

The only tricky part about the wide legs is that finding just the right pair of shoes can be tricky. I've had some luck with my Frye chunky sandals but when I want to wear a more relaxed outfit with flat shoes the jean are to long and I just can't let them drag on the ground. So as much as I love my Ginger jeans I haven't gotten too much use out of them.

Today my plan is to do all the things I WOULD have done had I landed in San Fran last night. I started with a relaxing breakfast at the local diner while reading the newspaper. I'm now going to head out for a mani/pedi and some shopping. My attire will be my Ginger jeans and some cork wedges. We will see how that shoe/jeans combination works out.

If I ever do make it out to San Fran expect a shopping review of Jeremy's!



May 10, 2007

Things on my mind

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Warm Bronzer

Mike & Chris Barton Fleece Hoodie

Frye Ingrid Studded Sling, my new summer sandal



April 15, 2007

My New Obsession

The Ginger Pant


At Barneys



February 4, 2006

Not bag related: Quest for a new pair of jeans

Lately I haven't had so much time to think about bags because I've been focused on my second obsession: a new pair of jeans. Last night I paid a visit to in jean ius in Boston's North End and thoroughly enjoyed trying on all the lovely jeans the sales lady suggested for me. She was just the right kind of helpful, answered all my questions but not at all pushy. I'm the kind of person that always feels a little uncomfortable around salespeople (do they really think that looks nice? Or do they just want to make a comission) but I felt right at home at in jean ius. I was very tempted by a cool pair from Loomstate but they weren't exactly right. I wasn't able to find the perfect pair, but I plan a return trip in the spring when they will be getting in some AG tapered, drainpipe jeans which I have been dying to try since they started popping up everywhere I looked. Now I know I said about a year ago I would never ever go back to tapered jeans, and I would always wear flared, but I have officially changed my mind.

Earlier this week two pairs of jeans from Target .com arrived. Sadly they were not right one bit and will be returned to the store today. I didn't like how the washes looked and they felt very flimsy. Plus, as I have leaned mass marketed jeans from places like Target, Gap etc. don't fit my waist and behind at all. There is always a huge gap when I sit down so I flash my underwear to the world, and when standing they bunch up around my hips. Not to mention that regular jeans are never long enough for me. Its worth it to spend a little more for a pair that fit me perfectly.

So the quest continues today, I am going to hit Filene's Basement and see how that goes. If that doesn't work out I'll also hit The Tannery and Jasmine Sola sometime next week. Hopefully I can find a new pair soon so I can return to bags!

And speaking of jeans, does anyone know of a jeans/denim blog? I've been on the look out but so far my Google searches haven't found anything.



October 25, 2005

Cheryl Shops

I added a new link to the links pages today with Cheryl Shops, a great site I discovered while googling "designer denim". This is a fantastic, not to mention amazingly comprehensive site all about shopping in NYC. I don't know who Cheryl is, or what she does...but boy does she know her stuff!

Some highlights:



March 21, 2005

Mint Shoes

032105_shoes.jpg Meet my beautiful new shoes, Vanna, by Chinese Laundry in Mint green. I have been searching for shoes like this for over a year and a half.
I never would have found them except that the web site has a fantastic shoe locator where I was able to find all the local stores that stocked Vanna.

Funny coincedence, once I brought the shoes home I noticed that they are the exact same color as our wedding invitations, except that Paper Source calls the color sage.