August 9, 2007

San Francisco is where it's AT

At the beginning of July I took a fantastic trip to San Francisco/Los Angeles to visit my sister. My first day in SF she suggested I take a walk over to Hayes Valley to check out all the cool stores that have cropped up. This was a pretty little neighborhood to stroll around, and while I didn't end up buying anything (probably for the best), I did enjoy poking around some fun and unique little shops.

My favorite store in Hayes Valley was Dish. I could have happily strolled around this well-edited store for hours. They had my dream Mike & Chris hoodie leather jacket which I didn't even allow myself to try on for fear that I would do something crazy.

Flight 001 was a cool, airplane themed compliment to the online site that I visit often.

Honey Ryder is where I would shop if I was living in SF and got invited to a fabulous party and needed a hot new outfit.

Ver Univa (sorry no pic) was a lovely little vintage store. They were having a big sale when I was there and I almost bought a leather jacket. I talked myself out of it though since I had a feeling it wouldn't fit in my suitcase home.

Sadly my sister and her boyfriend informed my that Don't Call It Frisco
has closed. Had it still been opened it would have received my Best Named Laundromat EVER Award. And here I was thinking I had something with the House of Sudz.



February 12, 2006

Old Navy Bags


Old Navy has gotten in a crop of new bags and I'm quite happy with what I see. I like the emphasis on colorful and durable canvas prints which I think works out much better with inexpensive bags then using cheapo faux leather.

A couple weeks ago I picked up a Studded Canvas Tote in white to use as my daily commuting bag. I liked the studs and the very nautical rope handles. Turns out the bag was too big to use everyday, but turned into a handy weekend bag. The new Lucky magazine has a smaller version of this bag, but so far I haven't seen it online or in the store.

I also like the Woman's Floral Tote with the lovely green flowers. The straps looks like they might be too short to fit over my bulky jacket, but I could probably overlook that.

The jury is still out for me for the Crescent bags. I liked the pictures online, but when I saw it in person I thought the handles looked very cheap and the whole bag was so big it looked sloppy. But the pop of the colorful canvas print is nice especially with all the winter blacks that we have been wearing around the northeast recently.

And if your on the lookout for a small hand held bag you can't go wrong with a Ring-Handled bag. I like the green canvas pictured above.



February 4, 2006

Not bag related: Quest for a new pair of jeans

Lately I haven't had so much time to think about bags because I've been focused on my second obsession: a new pair of jeans. Last night I paid a visit to in jean ius in Boston's North End and thoroughly enjoyed trying on all the lovely jeans the sales lady suggested for me. She was just the right kind of helpful, answered all my questions but not at all pushy. I'm the kind of person that always feels a little uncomfortable around salespeople (do they really think that looks nice? Or do they just want to make a comission) but I felt right at home at in jean ius. I was very tempted by a cool pair from Loomstate but they weren't exactly right. I wasn't able to find the perfect pair, but I plan a return trip in the spring when they will be getting in some AG tapered, drainpipe jeans which I have been dying to try since they started popping up everywhere I looked. Now I know I said about a year ago I would never ever go back to tapered jeans, and I would always wear flared, but I have officially changed my mind.

Earlier this week two pairs of jeans from Target .com arrived. Sadly they were not right one bit and will be returned to the store today. I didn't like how the washes looked and they felt very flimsy. Plus, as I have leaned mass marketed jeans from places like Target, Gap etc. don't fit my waist and behind at all. There is always a huge gap when I sit down so I flash my underwear to the world, and when standing they bunch up around my hips. Not to mention that regular jeans are never long enough for me. Its worth it to spend a little more for a pair that fit me perfectly.

So the quest continues today, I am going to hit Filene's Basement and see how that goes. If that doesn't work out I'll also hit The Tannery and Jasmine Sola sometime next week. Hopefully I can find a new pair soon so I can return to bags!

And speaking of jeans, does anyone know of a jeans/denim blog? I've been on the look out but so far my Google searches haven't found anything.



September 9, 2005

Retail Report: Filene's Basement in Boston

Back in January I admired the Cole Haan Trinity Python Satchel in black. Today I spotted the same bag but in white in the bargain bins at Filene's Basement in Downtown Crossing. I certainly contemplated buying it, especially since it was 25% off, but I never liked the white version as much as the black. But if you were partial to white and near the Boston area, you could pick this up yourself for a steal.

The Basement also had a good selection of those cute Coach canvas totes in blue and red. The small totes was $49.99 up to $119.00 for the largest tote. I also considered buying the large tote as a commuting bag, but decided I should wait until I get a job to buy a commuting bag.



May 17, 2005

Bags @ Doe

Our friends at Doe on Haight Street in San Francisco were kind enough to send us a "Retail Report" to update The Bag Blog on what bags are flying off the shelves:


The white mesh bag is Whiting and Davis. This brand has been around since the 1800s. Doe sells tons of their wallets and coin purses.

The pale metallic gold bag with green inserts is from a local company called "Dutchy." Doe also sells this
bag in white.

The Mona Milkface tulip bag is made by a woman who lives in my neighborhood. I have wanted this
bag for _years_. She also has a satin shooting star bag with tassels and a fake-fur lucky rabbit foot

The bronze clutch is from Plunket and Pivet. Doe also has a few of their slouchy metallic shoulder
bags, and will be getting some coin pouches soon.