October 13, 2005

Globe article about Bag, Borrow or Steal


The Boston Globe had an article today about purse rental companies like Bag Borrow and Steal, and there were a number of things about the article that really bothered me.

First off, who is doing the PR for BB&S? They are good! I have seen a number of articles about this company in some major publications recently. I guess the Globe article was supposed to be focusing on the "phenomena" of renting high end designer bags but it really came off as a two page add for this company.

Second, as TBB readers know there are few things I love more in the world then bags and talking about bags but way is this a topic that really need to be on the front page of New England's largest newspaper? I think the Living/Arts section would have been more appropriate.

Another annoying thing is the picture that accompanied the online version of the article. One of the things that bothers me about a bag rental company is that I know I would be constantly worried about anything bad happening to the bag. YET in the picture Maura McGreevy is wearing hers out in the rain! Now I know it has been raining almost non stop here in Boston for the past couple of weeks and the Globe photographer might not have had a choice of where to take the pic. But it was just another reminder as to why I'm not comfortable with this kind of service. It may be perfect for some people, but not me.

Plus, this line is kind of weird: "She said the company introduced her to new designers such as Tano and Baby Phat, which she said she probably wouldn't have discovered on her own." Now Tano I can see, since it is a cool line but not one you see on the street very often. You may remember my brush with Tano this spring. But Baby Phat??? If you want to be introduced to the Baby Phat line of bags then just check out your local Marshall's bargain bin, which I am frequently found rooting through. It is a line that is easy to find at my local stores, you really don't seen to sign up for a designer service to see it.

If you like to join in the discussion: What do you look for in a handbag?



September 11, 2005

My Fall Shopping List: Work in progress

I've been inspired by the scrapbooks and fall shopping list over at Just My Cup of Tea.

So I have decided to keep my running list here in this post. Expect frequent updates. Though one problem is that I really can't do much fall shopping until I get a job and find out what the dess code is. I don't want to spend all my money on jeans and then found out I need to wear trouser pants to a new job everyday.

Fall 2005 Shopping List
Theme: Classics with a boho twist




Things not on this list that I bought spur of the moment...
..even though that defeats the whole purpose of the list to plan out my shopping and avoid impulse buys but I guess old habits die hard.

Still deciding what my "IT" bag for the Fall will be.



January 24, 2005

Metallic is in!

Today at lunch I caught a chat at boston.com with the author of The Clothes We Wear. Of course I asked about bags:

01:25PM What is next in handbag trends? In Boston, there seems to always be one huge trend per season (a la Herve Chapelier bags last summer) that everyone follows. Any guesses as to what is going to be the next big thing? Also what are some unique trends to keep an eye out for?

01:30PM The days of the single "it" bag are over - which is actually a good thing. Number one for spring is color - with turquoise or green being the hottest one. Fruit prints will also be big - as in Louis Vuitton's new collection. Metallics are making a big comeback - especially gold accents or fabrics for day. This is also a trend that's only going to get bigger. The King Tut exhibit which set major fashion trends for the gold standard in the '80s will be touring the country starting this winter - so watch for gold in jewelry and bags to be hot for a few seasons. Moderate size tote bags with matching "baby" bags are also big - the idea being that you pull out the smaller bag for dressier occasions. Lastly - multiple print bags - like Coach's miix-and-match animal prints in various colors - will also be hot.


I love that metallic is back in since I am starting to see some bags I really like. Coach has a number of metallic gold bags including the Soho Dusted Suede Small Tortilla. Though I looked at this bag in the store today and it looks like the kind of suede that would scuff and look worn quite easily.

The Dusted Suede Wristlet in my favorite of the gold collection because I have a new pair of shoes that would match nicely.

The Signature Lurex Framed Purse is my second favorite but I wish they had one without the signature "c's" since I'm getting a little tired of that look.

Speaking of Coach: Money in the bag.

This evening, with metallic bags still on my brain, I was reading the Celebrity Baby Blog and saw Teri Hatcher carrying a similar gold bag. Anyone recognize the designer?