February 25, 2006

Hayden-Harnett Spring Bags


The Hayden-Harnett Spring Collection is here. The Alfie Bird bag jumped out at me right away. I like that it is SO different from all the other bags out there, and that goes for shape and fabric. The linen looks especially nice up against the brown or white leather. And I notice there is a nice long zipper pull on the outside of the bag. That kind of attention to details makes me never want to buy a mass produced bag Target bag from China ever again.

The Alfie Bird bag probably would not be the most practical of bags to use for everyday, but it would be perfect for running errands or going out for the evening. Basically anytime where you need a small attention getting bag, but still need to fit your wallet, camera, phone and five different kinds of lip balm (maybe that last part is just me).

But when it comes to the whole HH collection myheart belongs to Ibiza Convertible Flight Tote in olive nylon which I have been stalking online for several months now. It is basically two bags in one so I could use it as an everyday commuting bag or as a carry on when I travel. Pockets everywhere including a padded laptop pocket, two staps so I can wear it different ways, and made out of heavy duty nylon that can stand up to being banged around every day on on the subway.

A possible 30th birthday present to myself? I'm thinking about it.



February 12, 2006

Ann Veronica


As the snow coninues to fall here in Boston I can't help but think of the best way to spend a summer day: eating Maine lobster!

Sadly that is still months away, but in the meantime I can enjoy the Downeast Feast (scroll down) canvas print by Ann Veronica. I also like the Crab & Scallop print, and Toy Boat. The bag styles are all traditional tote bags which are a nice contrast with the bright, unique prints. I like the Marblehead Tote, Monhegan Bag, Casco Bay Bag and the Southwest Harbor Handbag (multiple outside pockets!)

A great way to enjoy summer in Maine all year round.



June 24, 2005

Silver Watering Can Purse


Seen at the online shop for the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. I'll have to check this out in person when we get to Chicago. Could be an interesting summer accessory.



April 13, 2005

Mystery Bag Update

Here is a little more information about the bag I spotted the other day. It is being sold here in Houston at the Marmi on Westheimer behind the Crate & Barrel.

The brand was TANO NYC and the color was listed as ivory/silver. I wasn't able to find a web site for this company but it looks like their bags are sold at a number on online boutiques. I resisted buying the bag, even after seeing how lovely it is for a second time, because I'm keeping an eye out for a good laptop bag.



February 6, 2005

Just try to forget this bag!


Here is an interesting bag I spotted in the February issue of Organic Style (Thanks Lis!) It is called Forget Me Not and it is a hand stitched wool and silk bag listed at $1,750.

The magazine says it is available at NeimanMarcus or Bergdorf Goodman, but I can't find it at either site. Certainly would be a perfect spring bag for a recent lottery winner, combining two big trends floral prints and the color green.

UPDATE: here is a much less pricey alternative from our friends at Old Navy. Too bad it doesn't come in green, but it still might be worth it.



February 1, 2005

Bag Hook

So let's say you've finally found that perfect bag. You researched, shopped, trial run and experimented and it lead you to the bag of your dreams that holds all your bulky stuff and on top of that looks great dangling from your arm.

What do you do with that bag the first time you go to your local sit down restaurant and realize (with HOROR) that you'll need to rest your beautiful bag on the dirty, dirty floor?

What you do is get yourself one of these handbag hooks and your precious bag will dangle prettily in the air as you grab lunch.

More accesories for your bag:

Clear Vinyl Handbag File
Protect your bags from dust and damage as you store them in your closet.

Clear Zippered Cubes
Dump all the stuff thats been rattling around the bottom of your bag into one of the cubes, and you'll never be fumbling around again.



January 26, 2005

WBUR tote bag


I like to watch the "Sex and the City" reruns on TBS and pretend the show never ended and will go on forever.

The other night I saw that heartbreaking episode when Carrie and Aidan break up for good (you know the one, where they sleep on the floor on the other side of the apartment at the end). In one scene about halfway through the episode Carrie runs to a newstand because she is thinking of smoking again.

I noticed right away that Carrie was carring a tote bag, quite a departure from her usual couture. Not only was it a tote bag but a WBUR tote bag.

A quick google search and I found out how the bag got on the show. Turns out SJP is a HUGE public radio fan...like she could get any better!



January 6, 2005

Basura Bags


Looking for a way to combine your love of bags AND recycling? The check out the Basura Bag that is sold at GreenFeet and seen in this article.

Tired of watching millions of juice containers (or doy packs) go into Philippine landfills, six women living in metropolitan Manila set up a co-operative to transform the trash into stylish bags. Local school children were paid to provide the raw materials, and the Kilus Foundation was born in 2000.

Today, the co-op has some 500 members. Each day, they turn 50,000 doy packs into purses, knapsacks and handbags that are sold around the world. The Philippine government got involved last year, as well, issuing an appeal to citizens to collect juice containers for the foundation.

And on top of all these greats things the bags are also highly affordable and look unlike any other bags out there.